HealthBird Wins eMerge Americas Competition and It Moves to Close its Bridge Round

The “Expedia of Health Insurance” won $420k at a competition, and it is set to close a bridge round of $2.2MM between Seed and Series A.

MIAMI, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Miami-based HealthBird secured an important milestone at eMerge Americas by winning a competition at the leading Tech Startup event. HealthBird is a platform that enables end consumers to conveniently shop, purchase, and effectively manage health insurance. It has achieved continuous success in securing funding, demonstrating notable progress since its launch on November 1st, 2022.

Investors, VC funds, and industry leaders are taking notice and increasingly getting involved with the opportunity that HealthBird is presenting. Utilizing data analytics, AI, and advanced technology, HealthBird leverages both its desktop and app platforms to streamline the process of browsing and purchasing health insurance. By incorporating these cutting-edge tools, HealthBird enhances the user experience, making it more efficient and seamless for individuals to find and secure the right health insurance coverage.

HealthBird focuses on helping individuals who do not have health insurance provided by the company they work for, or from a family member. “We offer a member-centric tailored plan selection, digital benefit monitoring, and on-demand member concierge support in one simple platform. We make finding and buying health insurance process as intuitive and seamless as possible,” said COO and Co-founder Irena Tigranyan.

HealthBird is also offering retail investors the opportunity to invest in the company for as low as $100 through WeFunder, at

“We have secured over $1MM out of $2.2MM for our Bridge round to further grow and expand HealthBird and its offering,” says COO and Co-founder Irena Tigranyan.

The company is projecting over $50MM in revenue in ARR by 2026.

As healthcare costs continue to increase due to multiple factors, HealthBird intends to lead the way in reducing insurance costs for individuals who would otherwise struggle with out-of-control healthcare costs, and those who feel lost in the complex process of selecting and buying health insurance plans.

The company remains dedicated to being at the forefront of technology, continuously adding value, and providing convenient and user-friendly solutions. Their goal is to ensure that individuals and their families can effortlessly purchase and utilize health insurance through an intuitive “swipe and tap” experience right at their fingertips. HealthBird is currently available in 25 states, and it keeps expanding its reach and network.

The investing community is being invited to learn more about the opportunity at

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