Greenlight Commercial Funding Partners with CLS Capital Holdings LLC in a $500 Million Joint Venture

ATLANTA, May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Greenlight Commercial Funding, a private finance company, has announced its completion of a joint venture valued at $500 million for their corporate debt financing guarantee program. Greenlight Commercial Funding invests the necessary capital into the preferred equity of small businesses that will be utilized to guarantee debt financing. 

Greenlight Commercial Funding offers this unique financial program to companies seeking debt-based financing. With an influx of clients since the beginning of this program in 2022. Greenlight Commercial Funding sought to expand through this $500 million joint venture with CLS Capital Holdings LLC to continue to provide their financial guaranty program in response to the ever-growing demand from companies interested in this unique financing opportunity. Dr. Beadle, Managing Partner “Our partnership with CLS Holdings LLC allows us to directly decision and fund our clients request based on our internal underwriting this is a game changer.”

This joint venture will allow Greenlight Commercial Funding to fulfill the demand for debt financing solutions in an increasingly strained capital market. In addition, Greenlight Commercial Funding will be able to increase the number of businesses it assists through this guaranty program. The need for financing of debt and equity solutions in today’s market is immense and though the aid of its joint venture partner CLS Capital Holdings LLC, Greenlight Commercial Funding can provide an immediate solution to a monumental problem plaguing the commercial loan industry.

About CLS Capital Holdings LLC

CLS Capital Group LLC, parent company of CLS Capital Holdings LLC, (“CLS”), formed in 1993, provided personal and commercial debt-based funding solutions to borrowers in various areas of finance. Since the 2008 financial crisis, CLS ventured into asset management activities for numerous high net worth individuals and family offices. Through this change in direction, CLS has forged strategic alliances with venture capital funds, private equity firms, investment banks, top financial institutions, and accredited investors, CLS has a solution for most any funding request. Ray Uballe, the President and Founder of CLS Capital Holdings LLC described this joint venture as “An equity solution for Greenlight Commercial Funding, and a great chance for CLS to work alongside a company that is also an experienced player the debt equity space for company’s looking seeking Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Banking, and Capital Formation.”

About Greenlight Commercial Funding

Greenlight Commercial Funding is one of the most resourceful and dedicated teams of commercial funding companies in the industry. They are a client-driven commercial finance firm serving borrowers inquiring about commercial capital. Offering a wide variety of debt and equity financing for income producing properties, Greenlight Commercial Funding has earned an industry wide reputation for making commercial investments a reality for clients. With a high business volume, the company is privileged with the position of securing preferential or private loan products for clients.

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