Granola Bars for Gratitude: JUNKLESS and Frontline Impact Project Donate 50,000 Chewy Granola Bars for Teacher Appreciation Week and Recognize Eight Special Teachers with a “JUNKLESS Excellence in Teaching Award”

Nominate Your School Now Between Now and May 10th

NEW YORK, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023-2024 school year may be drawing to a close, but teachers still need supplies to get them across the finish line. During Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10), chewy granola bar brand, JUNKLESS Foods and social impact platform, Frontline Impact Project will help close the end-of-year supply gap by giving away more than 50,000 granola bars to celebrate teachers at eight school districts in the Northeast and Central United States. Educators can nominate their school district HERE between now and May 10, 2024!

The celebration also includes “The JUNKLESS Excellence in Teaching Award.” Winning school districts can nominate their exceptional teachers to showcase how they contribute to our communities and classrooms. Eight teachers will be selected based on their stories to be recognized by JUNKLESS and Frontline Impact Project for their excellence with a $500 gift certificate and a teacher spotlight shared via social media.

“Teaching is one of the most demanding, underpaid and underappreciated professions, so we at JUNKLESS wanted to thank educators for their dedication, passion, and hard work in a small way,” stated Brian Camus, President of JUNKLESS. “Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week allows us to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that teachers put into educating and shaping the lives of our kids and students across the nation, so we are thrilled to be donating over 50,000 granola bars and recognizing eight special people with ‘JUNKLESS Excellence in Teaching Awards.'”

“Frontline Impact Project continues to be a powerful impact tool to support essential professionals – the everyday builders – who contribute to the well-being and vitality of our local communities,” said Jessamyn Rodriguez, President, Builders Network. “This Teacher Appreciation Week, we are excited to celebrate our teachers, who go above and beyond to educate our children. Frontline Impact’s partnership with JUNKLESS is a great addition to their work in providing teachers with not only tokens of appreciation, but also recognition for the tireless roles they play in our communities.”

JUNKLESS makes delicious chewy granola bars made with real, simple ingredients like 100% whole grain oats, that contain less sugar than the leading national brand. JUNKLESS together with Frontline Impact Project, want to make sure teachers and students have access to clean ingredients and the fuel they need to finish the year strong.

Educators in the Northeast and Central United States can submit a request for their school district to receive 7,000+ granola bars for staff and students to enjoy at an end of year celebration. Nominations are due by Friday, May 10th and the randomly selected winners will be notified by Friday, May 17th. Delivery of JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars will take place through June. For more information on the Frontline Impact Project and JUNKLESS Teacher Appreciation Week Campaign click HERE.

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Tired of snacks with more fake stuff than a reality show and ingredient lists longer than your weekend chores? We were too. That’s why, in 2018 we decided to make our own and kept it simple. No artificial ingredients that sound like they came from your 8th grade science class. Just the good stuff that you’ve heard of like 100% whole grain oats, organic honey, natural peanut butter, real strawberry pieces, and dark chocolate chips. We got your snack (and your back)! Our mission at JUNKLESS is to de-junk your snacking, one delicious, chewy granola bar at a time. We’re starting in the snack bar aisle but we’ll be de-junking other aisles soon enough! For more information on JUNKLESS, visit and follow the JUNKLESS journey on Instagram @JUNKLESSfoods and Facebook @JUNKLESSfoods.

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Frontline Impact Project, launched by the Lubetzky Family Foundation in April 2020, has a network of over 100 companies that have donated over 21 million products to 1,300 frontline workers and humanitarian relief organizations across the United States and beyond. To learn more visit and follow Frontline on Instagram @frontlineimpact and Facebook @frontlineimpactproject.

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