Givling Helps Users Gobble Up Debt with New Rule Change

JACKSON, Wyo., Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Givling, the patented crowdfunding trivia game, delivered its own brand of "Thanksgivling" to families in need this year. The platform has awarded more than $8 million that recipients have used to pay off student loan and mortgage debt. However, realizing the needs during the global pandemic, the $5,000 and $10,000 Awards previously reserved for student loan and mortgage debt were allowed to be self-directed to be used as needed.

"The pandemic turned the world upside down and people were trying to figure out how they would pay rent and provide for their family," said Seth Beard, COO of Givling. "We made the decision to help our community by removing the reward restrictions, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive."

In 2020, Givling announced that two of their¬†funding awards – the Free $5,000 Purple Queue, and $10,000 Partner-Sponsored Check Giveaways – would be open to the winner’s discretion in how they were used. The change provided relief for families facing a whole new set of challenges due to the global pandemic.

The change was so well received that it will remain in place for the foreseeable future. The funds have helped with everything from kick starting new businesses to assisting elderly neighbors with groceries.

Mindy Johnson is a public school teacher from Houston, Texas. Johnson is a caregiver for her mother, who has an aggressive form of breast cancer. Struggling to teach during the pandemic and remain Covid-free to protect her mom was stressful enough but then Texas had a freeze and power outage. Johnson suffered damage to her home and insurance did not cover the full cost. She won $5,000 which will help cover the repair costs and allow her to resume her savings. Johnson said, "I am just thankful this community exists and the fact that this award came at the time I most needed it is just a total blessing."

"In a time of economic uncertainty, it was an easy decision to make to support our community," said Laurie Farros, President of Givling. "However, we came to realize that it went beyond meeting needs, but empowering people to make a difference for themselves and others."

With the change, Givling remains committed to its mission of helping to reduce the two most common financial stressors – student loan and mortgage debt. If the self-directed awards are applied to a student loan or mortgage, people can also compete to win a $50,000 Award. This award remains reserved to pay student loan and mortgage debt.

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Givling, a crowdfunding trivia game, has awarded over $8 million to its users to reduce student loan and mortgage debt. Trivia winners are awarded cash to spend as they wish. A new user could download Givling today and be the recipient of the Free $5,000 Award or be a FreePlay Trivia Winner within a week or less. Visit to create your free account and play today!

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