Validates Fractional Developer Model With Rapid Growth

ATLANTA, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, the innovative platform connecting growing companies with elite fractional developers, has achieved an annual revenue run rate over 1 Million USD less than six months after its launch in July 2022. This rapid growth is a testament to the viability of the fractional model and the demand from companies seeking to hire top talent on a budget.

Fraction was founded to help startups and growing companies access the best developers in the United States by hiring them in long-term, part-time (“fractional”) positions. Fraction guarantees success by including project management, product management, and software architecture guidance as part of every engagement. Fraction combines the skill of 100% US-based senior developers with this delivery model to outperform offshore, nearshore, and domestic outsourcing options on a price-performance basis.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone so quickly,” said Fraction COO Alyssia Maluda. “It’s a testament to the demand startups have for a better way to access top talent, and to our team’s hard work on creating a delivery model that gets the best results from fractional developers. We’re excited to help even more companies succeed with the help of an underutilized asset – top US-based senior developers.”

Fraction plans to use its continued growth to invest in scaling its delivery infrastructure. “We have learned how to scale this business, and customers are telling us they want to see even more in terms of a full-service experience,” said Fraction CEO Praveen Ghanta. “We are delivering against those asks today, and we are productizing our services so that getting a developer is as easy as picking a plan on a SaaS platform.”

The company is dedicated to helping startups and developers thrive. With its unique approach to employment and a focus on providing high-quality support and expertise, Fraction is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the future. “We think this is just the beginning,” said Fraction Chief Revenue Officer Jeffrey Baker. “Our goal is to make a real dent in the talent shortage in the industry, which means getting thousands of fractional developers working over the next few years.” is the only hiring platform for developers seeking part-time employment and for companies seeking to hire the best US developers. Founded in 2022, the company is based in Atlanta. Its team is comprised of experienced serial entrepreneurs who understand the unique needs of startups and the value of top talent. With its cutting-edge delivery model and commitment to supporting both companies and developers, is revolutionizing the way the tech industry approaches staffing and employment.

Jeffrey Baker