Former Executive Trailblazing the Construction Business by Prioritizing the Future Home Owner

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — When seasoned entrepreneur and longtime life science executive Tony Munoz launched alteredFLIP in 2019, he set out to change the way business is conducted when it comes to fix-&-flip construction.  While most fix-&-flip construction companies are purely concerned with the bottom line, Tony and his alteredFLIP team take an entirely different approach, focusing on all the people involved in the transaction, including the future homeowner.

“We specialize in dealing with distressed situations, not just distressed real estate,” says Tony Munoz, Founder and CEO of alteredFLIP.  “Our goal is to add value in the asset through rehab and construction so that the end consumer, the new first-time homeowner, has an opportunity to own a home where innovation and value are prioritized. We want to also make sure that the future homeowner purchases the home with built in equity.”

alteredFLIP, which operates all over Florida, but is based out of Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Miami, offers sellers all-cash offers for their homes with fast settlement terms, often closing in just two or three weeks. alteredFLIP takes on complex situations such as homes with back taxes, mechanical liens or distressed properties that have become an eye sore in the neighborhood. Buying at a discount allows the company to pass on the equity to the future homeowner post construction. The company is known in each of their markets as a quality construction company that prioritizes craftmanship, design, and a “customer first” attitude.

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About alteredFLIP:

Founded in 2019 by veteran entrepreneur Tony Munoz, alteredFLIP is a construction company specializing in distressed real estate.  Their customer-first approach sets them apart from the competition by placing the needs and requirements of their sellers and future home owners above everything else.

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