Film and Advertising Veteran Launches Equity Films for Investment Management Storytelling

New video production company purpose-built for the private capital universe

AUSTIN, Texas, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning documentary film director and former advertising executive Erik Proulx today launched Equity Films, a new video production company created specifically for the investment management industry.

Proulx recruited a team of accomplished film producers and ad agency veterans with the directive to create a more cinematic storytelling approach for private capital videos.

“There’s a real opportunity to raise the bar for storytelling in the investment management space,” said Proulx. “It’s a niche that our team excels at and we’re excited to push forward as a market leader under Equity Films.”

According to Proulx, the idea for Equity Films started 10 years ago when the marketing director for a prominent private equity company asked his firm Fighting Monk to develop portfolio videos for their AGM. She had seen a documentary Proulx created and wanted to bring his style of filmmaking to their videos.

Since then, Proulx and his team have done hundreds of videos in the space, featuring on-camera interviews with founders of investment management firms, managing directors, portfolio company CEOs, and IR executives.

“We’re not revolutionizing corporate videos here,” said Proulx. “But I do think we are elevating the craft of video production within a pretty nuanced and highly regulated industry.”

Private Capital Video Content is on the Rise

According to research by Backbay Communications, content marketing as a whole is on the rise in private equity. And of those who actively market themselves, 71% prefer to use video.

But Equity Films would like to take that one step further for their clients. “It’s not just about creating content. It’s about connecting emotionally with an audience of viewers who are quite literally invested in the stories being told,” said Proulx.

“It’s important to us that the content we create rises to the occasion of how crucial AGMs and Investor Days are to our clients and their stakeholders,” said Proulx. “The biggest compliment we hear every year is how much LPs look forward to our videos.”

Experienced Storytellers
Proulx believes the differentiator between Equity Films and other production companies is their level of training and professionalism in both the private capital space and film production. In addition to the 100+ videos he’s created for private equity companies, Proulx spent 15 years as a writer and creative director in the advertising industry, working on television commercials for investment banks and financial services. “Knowing how to shape a narrative is particularly important when you’re trying to communicate a business story to investors,” said Proulx. “We believe there’s a sweet spot where film production experience and private capital storytelling can overlap.”

About Equity Films
Equity Films uses the power of video to help investment management firms connect with their stakeholders. Some of their past and current experience includes storytelling for Providence Equity, PSG Equity, Blue Owl, Dyal Capital, Vista Equity Partners, Serent Capital, Bank of America, and State Street. Find out more at

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