FGC Running 26.2-Hour “FAFSA Marathon” for College-Bound Seniors

LAKE CITY, Fla., March 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Starting Friday, April 9, Florida Gateway College will be running an all-night FAFSA Marathon. For 26.2 consecutive hours, FGC Financial Aid staff will be on hand to help college-bound students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a crucial step toward receiving scholarships and other funds for college.

Every year, federal and state governments award billions of dollars in scholarships, grants, and other student aid, and every year, students across the country miss out on the opportunity to receive these funds simply because they fail to complete the FAFSA. This year, there has been a concerning drop in the number of applications completed by graduating high school seniors, with Florida’s FAFSA completions down nearly 8% and the national rate down more than 9%. High schools in FGC’s five-county district have dropped an average of 10%, with some schools down as much as 57%.

That’s why Florida Gateway College is here to help.

From 10 a.m. on Friday, April 9, running all night until shortly after noon on Saturday, April 10, FGC staff will be assisting students and parents with every step of the FAFSA process. Students can come at any time, day or night, to get in-person help. Assistance will also be available remotely by phone, email, and video conference.

“This FAFSA Marathon is not just for students interested in attending FGC,” stated Dr. Lawrence Barrett, FGC President. “We are here for any student in the State of Florida that needs assistance in completing their federal financial aid application.”

By completing the FAFSA, many students will find they qualify for aid they never even knew was available. The FAFSA is required to receive federal student aid such as Pell Grants, work-study, and federal student loans. Most states, including Florida, and many institutions also require the form to determine eligibility for scholarships and grants, which never have to be repaid.

The recent drop in FAFSA completions has disproportionately impacted high schools that serve high-minority populations and low-income communities. Working day and night to boost applications and make sure students get the financial aid they deserve is part of FGC’s mission to promote affordable, equitable, quality education for all.

The FAFSA Marathon will be held in the FGC Library Building 200. To complete the application, students will need to bring their 2018 and 2019 1040 tax returns for the parent and the student (if the student filed taxes). Find more information online at www.fgc.edu/fafsamarathon.

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