Evolution Private Investment Collective Launches Advisor-Focused Solution for Private Markets

DENVER, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Evolution Private Investment Collective, LLC, (EPIC), an investment management firm, is pleased to announce the launch of the firm and its simple and transparent solution that brings new participants, namely financial advisors and their clients, to the growing $7.3 trillion private investment market.

"Following the successful execution of our strategy inside of a $2.5 billion multi-family office, we saw an opportunity to expand our reach to a wider universe of advisors and their clients who are consistently pitched a story of access as the sole solution to participate in private markets. Realistically, in addition to access, advisors need to be confident that they are investing in high quality opportunities, meeting client investment objectives, and offering a scalable and consistent strategy. All without significantly increasing their overhead and introducing administrative complications. We believe we are the only group acknowledging advisors needs in a holistic way," said Alec Garza, Managing Principal & Co-Founder of EPIC.

The EPIC investment strategy focuses on private fund managers and opportunities typically in the lower middle market that are best positioned to deliver more attractive returns than are available in public markets today. Additionally, EPIC’s strategy has lower minimums for investors while also reducing concentration risk through diversification across 20 to 30 different managers within the portfolios. Rather than one generic allocation to a pooled fund, a unique share class structure gives advisors and their clients the ability to customize their allocations depending on their legacy portfolio and investment objectives.

"The existing infrastructure that underpins private markets accommodates large institutions while simultaneously acting as a barrier to entry for advisors and their clients. Despite the growing size of private markets, only 14% of independent financial advisors have found a viable private market solution for their clients. Much like the theme of democratization that has taken over public markets, there is growing investor demand to participate in the value created in private markets," said Mr. Garza.

About EPIC
Evolution Private Investment Collective (EPIC) is a Denver-based investment management firm opening up private markets by connecting three stakeholder groups with unique problems: individuals, their financial advisors, and the managers to whom the firm allocates capital. Incubated inside a large multi-family office and now operating independently, EPIC’s flagship fund series is designed to empower advisors to focus on achieving their clients’ financial objectives through a diversified allocation to private markets. EPIC’s first fund which closed 2018 at $52 million, is fully allocated to 29 investments across 27 managers. Leveraging a pipeline of over 500 opportunities in 2020 alone, the fund offers investors a diversified portfolio of income- and growth-oriented investments. For more information, please visit www.epic-funds.com.

No investment process is free of risk; no strategy or risk management technique can guarantee returns or eliminate risk in any market environment. Private funds are riskier investments and intended for sophisticated investors who meet certain criteria. There is no guarantee that an investment will be profitable. The value of investments, as well any investment income, is not guaranteed and can fluctuate based on market conditions. Always carefully review all fund governing documents and discuss all risks with your investment adviser before making an investment decision.

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