EstateExec Wins Worldwide Finance Award

Company Named the Leading Provider of Estate Executor Software in North America

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EstateExec™, the leading online service for estate executors, announced that it has won the 2022 Worldwide Finance Award for its cloud-based software. This award recognizes EstateExec’s achievement and leadership in simplifying the work of the millions of estate executors (and the many probate attorneys) in North America.

The Worldwide Finance Awards are sponsored by Acquisition International, which provides business news around the world and has subscribers in more than 170 countries. These awards were originally launched 8 years ago to highlight those who have looked to redefine the industry, innovate on past best practices, and spearhead greater change on the landscape.

"EstateExec makes estate settlement easier and minimizes the chance for error," explained Marianne Ludlow, estate planning attorney at Parsons, Behle, & Latimer, an innovative law firm with offices in multiple states. "In addition to EstateExec offering significant help for the average executor, it can greatly simplify the lives of probate lawyers, who can use the software behind the scenes, or to directly coordinate with their probate clients online."

Every year, more than 3 million people die in the US and Canada. By law, their estates must be settled by an executor, typically a family member who has never done it before. EstateExec provides step-by-step guidance for the executor, automatically tailored to the particulars of the estate, along with automated financial accounting (including bank transaction download). The easy-to-use software can be used on its own or in conjunction with a lawyer or financial advisor.

"We are honored to receive this recognition from the Worldwide Finance Awards," said Dan Stickel, founder and CEO of EstateExec. "When we first launched EstateExec in 2015, we were revolutionizing something that hadn’t really changed in hundreds of years. We’re proud to have been the first to make major improvements to this overall process, and to have improved the lives of so many users," Stickel concludes.

Matthew Tove, director of sales and marketing at Interactive Legal, added: "EstateExec provides estate planning attorneys with a powerful tool to administer estates, enhancing the value of the attorney relationship in a time of need for clients, and Interactive Legal is proud to offer our subscribers preferred membership to EstateExec."

EstateExec covers every state, territory, and province in the US and Canada. It offers a free 10-day trial for new customers, and costs only US$99/CA$129 for a five-year subscription (an expense that can be written off to the estate). To switch between countries, simply click the flag icon in the top right.

ABOUT EstateExec: Based in Silicon Valley, EstateExec is the leading provider of software for estate executors. EstateExec is revolutionizing the way executors settle their estates, making it easy to manage, calculate, and finalize. For more information, visit  

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