Launches Personalized ESG Web App for Individual Investors

NEW YORK, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ESG4me is pleased to present, a personalized web-based app to help investors add a responsible investing lens to their portfolios. The app offers a series of web-based tools and questionnaires to help investors understand their own personal fit for ESG investing, as well as to identify those issues that are of the most importance to them.

The "ESG-Ready-Score" is a tool that allows visitors to assess their own readiness for integrating ESG, Impact and Green investing into their portfolios. Through guided interactive questionaries, investor preferences are elicited to score the degree to which an investor is both "Interested in ESG" and "Willing to Invest with ESG." Together these two factors are combined to determine an overall score that allows the investor to understand their own readiness for ESG, as well as where they stand relative to other investors who have completed the assessment.

To identify individual investor preferences relative to "hot-button" issues, the app also offers a guided questionnaire that takes visitors through a detailed assessment of some of the most controversial issues in ESG- for example, fossil fuels, nuclear power, armaments and gaming.  Investors are asked to rank their comfort level investing in these areas along a continuum ranging from "Would Never Invest" to "Fully Comfortable Investing." These scores are calculated and incorporated in a report that investors can use to guide their own investment efforts or as the basis for a discussion with a Financial Adviser on ESG investing and their own personal values.

Founded by industry veterans from leading Financial Services firms including PIMCO and S&P, was built with the goal of bringing sophisticated and personalized ESG tools and resources to the individual investor.

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J. Olazabal