Equal Access Carriers, Inc. (EAC), Is Introducing a New AI-based Approach for the Early Diagnosis of Disease

This North Carolina company developed a new approach to AI with Golden Gate University (GGU) in San Francisco, CA. Three years of joint R&D has led to a new type of AI that’s different from conventional techniques for the early diagnosis of diseases

WILMINGTON, N.C., Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The EAC “UmbrellaAI” platform features the emerging technologies of this new AI, coupled with edge computing, 5G and patented crypto security. EAC/GGU previously used the research to deliver a novel way to identify misinformation and detect financial fraud. The current application focuses the technology on diagnosing diseases in their early stages.

Most people will experience a medical diagnostic error in their lifetime. Medical errors are now the 3rd cause of death in the US. Part of the problem is that doctors are spending an average of only 15 minutes with patients per visit. It’s impossible for them to see the big picture for the patient in that short period.

Chip Venters, CEO of EAC said, “There’s another problem with disease diagnosis. There can often be more than one specialist on a case. There’s a real risk that they miss the Big Picture due to their specialized disciplines. A delayed or missed diagnosis can be the tragic result.”

EAC’s UmbrellaAI diagnosis process blends data about the patient, their symptoms and their medical history. Fresh data from the patient and wearable medical devices makes the diagnosis in real time. All of the relevant patient data and diagnosis are under one “Umbrella.

“Bringing leading-edge innovation in AI to meet the world’s compelling business needs. That’s the goal of GGU’s graduate analytics program,” said Dr. Judy Lee, Department Chair, Business Innovation & Technology from GGU. “The UmbrellaAI project has engaged our grad students in pure R&D roles. They have contributed core new technologies to the project.

Dr. Rao Mikkilineni, from GGU, said, “The future of AI is transforming. It holds the promise to tackle issues based on human knowledge going beyond current machine learning. The new approach based on the General Theory of Information paves the way for truly patient-centric healthcare by reducing the patient-doctor knowledge gap.”

AI holds great promise for healthcare. But the CDC has a major concern. They stated, “For AI to gain wider interest in medicine, the way the AI arrives at conclusions needs to be understandable.” As opposed to other AI methods, UmbrellaAI displays how it derives the diagnosis.

The Umbrella AI platform is an impressive example of the use of innovative AI technology. It solves complex healthcare challenges,” stated Dr. Kent Locklear MD/MBA. The goal is to deliver powerful tools into the hands of patients. It enables them to take part more meaningfully in their own health.”

Currently, the company is accepting free beta testers. More information is available at MyHealthUmbrella.com

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