EPIC OZ FUND I LP Launches, Targeting $180M in Commitments

A Women-Led Opportunity Zone Fund with Innovative “Across the Aisle” Investment Strategy Aligns Impact with Returns

NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EPIC OZ FUND I LP (the “Fund”), a groundbreaking, women-led Opportunity Zone (“OZ”) fund, is officially launching today. Seeking to drive positive change in communities and deliver attractive risk-adjusted rates of return to accredited investors, EPIC—representing Energy, P3 Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Community—aims to foster holistic growth and sustainable development in “opportunity zones” across the United States. As of its launch, the Fund is the only existing OZ fund with a mandate to invest in multiple asset types with a creative strategy called “ecosystem investing,” which endeavors to create more sustainable and recession-proof investments that benefit all stakeholders.

Proudly 100% women-led, the Fund is steered by a diverse team, bringing a wide range of perspectives to the investment realm to address historically untapped markets. Managed by co-founders, Kelly Ann Winget, a prominent figure in the private equity sector and founder of Alternative Wealth Partners, and Rachel Vass, CEO of Syzygy Cities, an innovative impact real estate and program development firm that has won P3 RFPs with its first of its kind wealth-creating strategy, the fund seeks to increase the value of its properties through lifting up the surrounding economy.

The Fund distinguishes itself to investors by taking a page from experiential marketing in its effort to drive inter-market stimulation, stacked tax-advantaged strategies, including both energy and real estate deductions and credits, and intentional place-based investments. Experiential tourism is expected to drive a 200%-300% growth in real estate markets through wealth-catalyzing foot traffic in under a decade, with an average 15% increase in wages through upskilling and incubation initiatives. EPIC believes that by combining diverse industries and asset types with a well-structured process of specific economic catalyzations, the Fund will be able to construct a high-impact portfolio while also seeking to generate attractive returns for eligible investors.

Co-founder Rachel Vass says, “EPIC OZ Fund I is answering the question of what it would look like if you could invest in local economies and see growth in your portfolio as communities grow. Like a well-crafted pie recipe; you have to follow the steps in the right order, at the right time. You would never put flour in an oven without mixing the butter, sugar and eggs; that would be ridiculous. The ‘ingredients’ to a successful economy are no different. It matters what ‘ingredients’ we invest in, when we add them in, and how we catalyze them. Our job is to take these ingredients and mix them together to bake a more resilient, delicious economic pie. And that is the product.”

“The EPIC team is committed to driving real change and real impact in our communities,” emphasizes co-founder Kelly Ann Winget. “We firmly believe that as investors, we can make a positive difference without sacrificing returns. Our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation and contribute to the growth of America by creating exceptional investment opportunities that will generate positive changes in disadvantaged areas. Unlike traditional developers and OZ funds that lack ingenuity by focusing narrowly on specific assets, our approach is holistic. The process is the product. There is not a lot of competition around solving these problems in untapped markets. We intend to change that.”

The two women founders have implemented what they call “across-the-aisle investing.” “We endeavor to steer clear of gentrification, which can often worsen economic challenges, leading to housing crises, job shortages, homelessness and poverty. By opening our minds, rolling up our sleeves, and putting the right boots (or heels) on the ground, as investors as well as advisors accelerating local developers, we can generate unrivaled returns and change lives,” Vass adds.

The EPIC OZ Fund I has a robust pipeline of opportunities, starting with several entertainment and retail developments in Bronzeville, Chicago which is anticipated to include “The Grove,” as part of the INVEST South/West initiative, in addition to various manufacturing and energy deals in Arizona and Texas while building out shovel-ready pipelines in Detroit and Philadelphia. EPIC is leveraging years of deal sourcing and diverse advantages to acquire exclusive equity and opportunity in various markets across the country, creating inter-market solutions between “red-lines” (historically disinvested urban communities) and “brown fields” (rural, industrial and environmental revitalization zones). 

Eligible investors have until December 31, 2026, to take advantage of the unique tax benefits provided by “opportunity zones.”

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About the EPIC OZ FUND I LP:
The EPIC OZ FUND I LP (the “Fund”) is a forward-thinking Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOZF) dedicated to driving transformative growth and sustainable development in communities across the United States. With an emphasis on diversity, innovation, and collaborative partnerships, the EPIC team seeks to empower both investors and local communities to thrive together. The Fund serves as the inaugural fund in an anticipated series, providing eligible investors with a unique tax-advantaged investment opportunity. The EPIC family of funds team is committed to maximizing returns while positively impacting the world for the better. https://www.epiceconomies.com.

Underlying source materials are on file with EPIC. Access to full investment materials is available to eligible investors upon request.