EKOM AI Announces the Release of TruNexus Intelligence™ for Brand and Retail Partners, Building on Unparalleled Accuracy and Brand Alignment for Digital Storefront Content

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EKOM AI, the leader in digital storefront content automation, today unveils its much-anticipated third-generation release, featuring the innovative TruNexus Intelligence™. EKOM 3.0 is the most accurate solution in digital storefront content generation, scoring, and alignment.

TruNexus Intelligence™ is a multi-model integration feature that accurately scores and approves optimized digital storefront content. TruNexus Intelligence™ offers unmatched control and oversight of content accuracy, voice, and structure, effectively removing many barriers to AI adoption in structured product content creation at scale.

In an analysis of over 140,000 active product description pages, EKOM’s TruNexus Intelligence correctly identified non-conforming content and optimized the cohort at a rate of 99.83% accuracy across categories including syntax, structure, brand voice, and product specification.

“EKOM 3.0 represents not just an advancement, but a paradigm shift in automated digital storefront content creation,” says Jon Ricketts, CEO of EKOM. “We continue to invest in amplifying trust in AI-driven automation and today represents a monumental step toward that goal. TruNexus Intelligence™, combined with our existing predictive performance algorithms, demonstrates unprecedented precision and brand congruence, transforming traditional manual content oversight into a fully automated, exception-based process.”

As the leader in automated, end-to-end digital storefront content solutions, EKOM continues to set industry standards for AI performance and accuracy.

About EKOM AI: Based in Nashville, EKOM AI is at the forefront of digital storefront content creation. With the vision to revolutionize the digital storefront, EKOM’s cutting-edge solutions ensure unparalleled accuracy and integrity, empowering global brands to embrace digital transformation confidently.

For more information about EKOM AI and its latest innovations, visit www.ekom.ai.

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