Einvestment: AI Sector Significantly Outperforms the Market

LISBON, Portugal, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Einvestment, known for its expertise across a wide range of asset classes and its commitment to introducing modern techniques for efficient wealth management, has recently shed light on the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the financial sector.

Highlighting how the AI sector significantly outperforms the market, the wealth management platform owners underlined their deep commitment to harnessing the potential of AI to drive technology and venture capital investments.

As the financial landscape evolves, Einvestment has consistently demonstrated its aptitude for staying ahead of the curve. The company’s proactive approach, coupled with its “on the ground” knowledge and deep-rooted experience in various sectors chosen for asset allocation, places it in a prime position to understand and leverage the evolving dynamics of the market.

Peter Derksen, Managing Director at Einvestment, remarked, “Our team constantly monitors the markets to elevate the efficiency of quarterly portfolio rebalancing. AI is currently driving a major share of technology investments and venture capital funding. In line with our mission to continuously innovate and provide the superior investment opportunities to our clients, we plan to present an AI-focused segregated portfolio to our clients by the end of 2023, once we collect a longer performance history and track record of success.”

The Fund’s management team focuses on risk management, boosting diversification, and ensuring a superior performance for its clients. Notably, investors benefit from flexible performance fees, with the unique offering that the more is invested, the less performance fee is charged from positive returns for investment management services.

The wealth management platform, having delivered superior returns since 2018, also stands out for its commitment to responsible investing. Underlining their intention to move beyond traditional investment strategies, Einvestment’s portfolio managers steer clear of ESG-unfriendly companies and sectors.

Investors can seamlessly verify their accounts, invest, and sign agreements using electronic signatures. The intuitive and secure Investor’s Portal, accessible from both laptops and smartphones, ensures that clients can manage their portfolios with just a few clicks, further exemplifying Einvestment’s commitment to modernity and client-centricity.

Moreover, the company has always laid significant emphasis on its customer relations. With a dedicated and experienced customer service team available around-the-clock, Einvestment ensures that every client’s query or concern is addressed promptly.

As the world moves deeper into the AI era, Einvestment remains committed to not just observing the changes but actively shaping the future of investments. With a forward-thinking approach, combined with its wealth of expertise, the company aims to offer AI-powered investment solutions to its global clientele.

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