DOOZEE Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop Key West Location Now Open

Fantasy Festival is over at Key West, but DOOZEE Bar is one place serving up your fantasy daily with a custom-made ice cream bar experience that’s Scrumdiddlyumptious!

KEY WEST, Fla., Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The World-Famous Fantasy Festival in Key West, FL, is over, but don’t despair, DOOZEE Bespoke Ice Cream Bars in Key West is NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and they are ready to make your wildest ice cream fantasy turn into reality. They at your direction crafting the most unique ice cream bars – literally in the world. This Willy Wonka like, ice cream experience should be on everyone’s bucket list.

DOOZEE on Duval is the ultimate customizable ice cream indulgence store, with a sophisticated, music-popping, social media-friendly environment, and a topping bar counter reminiscent of an ice sculpture.

Jim Epstein, owner says, noting that DOOZEE Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop differs from the more well-known boring scoop ice cream stores in that. “You can have made by a Bar’ista, over 5 million combinations. It’s hard to have the same thing twice.”

When asked, Epstein with all these combinations, does he have a go-to favorite DOOZEE Bar?

“I do like the White Chocolate with Flaming Hot Cheetos, and a White Chocolate drizzle, but I like to mix it up,” he says. It’s also a fun experience to design a tasty custom made ice cream bar that nobody has ever made.”

You start with a sizeable 5-ounce vanilla bar dipped into a selection of rich Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate or Caramel – each made with the very best ingredients. From there, guests choose three toppings from a selection of 24, including Flaming Hot Cheetos, Cotton Candy, Captain Crunch, Red Velvet Cookie Dough, Skulls and Bones Sprinkles, Toasted Coconut, etc. For those feeling particularly “bushy,” 12 unexpected ingredients are available for an extra cost, including Mr. Beast Chocolate Almonds, Organic Rose Petals, 24k Gold Flakes, Dom Perignon Gummy Bears, Grand Marnier Chocolate Pecans, Key Lime Pecan Pie Crumbs, Atocha Gold Treasure Coin made from Chocolate. The final step is the Pizzazz It! with a gourmet drizzle of Bourbon, Lemon, Raspberry, Key West Killer Bee Honey and some eye-popping diamond sparkle-dust – creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

As you immerse yourself into this Willy-Wonka-style experience, don’t forget to purchase their T-shirt that says “I Licked the Stick in Key West” at Doozee Bar.

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About DOOZEE Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop

DOOZEE Bespoke Ice Cream Bar Shop is Key West, Florida’s. Founded in 2023, DOOZEE is committed to creating an immersive, bespoke experience for ice cream lovers across the Key West area. Located at 123 Duval Street, Key West, FL 33044, DOOZEE’s unique approach to making handcrafted luxury ice cream bars is making waves to reimagine the modern ice cream shop experience.


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