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HUNTINGTON, N.Y., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Big Pharma spends up to $1 billion to finance new development of a drug — money comes from exclusive partnerships limited to heavyweight players and taxpayer dollars. "Development of this scale involves multiple financing mechanisms, as well as the involvement of numerous partners throughout the process," according to a paper published by the National Academy of Science. Small investors and taxpayers are historically locked out of outrageous drug profits reserved for big players. 

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is defying this exclusive investment model with a WeFunder Capital Campaign that allows a minimum investment of $100. Funds raised will finance clinical trials in December 2021 under a co-development agreement with Duke-NUS for a potential in-home treatment for COVID-19 — a novel solution of two repurposed, safe drugs that appear to disrupt the inflammatory process which triggers COVID’s lethal runaway inflammation. This treatment method could be used alone or in combination with antiviral drugs. Both accredited and non-accredited investors may participate in the funding campaign which represents not only physical health, but also financial opportunity for small investors. 

While researchers are rushing to find antiviral treatment answers for COVID-19, Sen-Jam’s founder, Registered Pharmacist Jacqueline Iversen took an out-of-the-box approach by addressing the COVID-induced inflammation which can lead to the disastrous "cytokine storm" that often leads to organ damage or death. By combining two classes of drugs with long histories of efficacy and safety, Iversen hit upon a novel approach to pain and inflammation management — the COVID application would be an at-home, oral treatment. Currently, the only treatments for the cytokine storm are clinically-administered steroidal drugs with concerning side effects.

Iversen has identified other applications for these small molecule combinations as therapeutics for inflammatory conditions. Sen-Jam is seeking investors to continue research leading to licensing partnerships for its 24 domestic and international patents and patents pending. To read the full article on Sen-Jam’s mission to revolutionize pain and inflammation treatment, click here.

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At Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical we disrupt pain and inflammation. Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical’s mission is to improve societal wellbeing by developing therapeutics that are safe, efficacious, and accessible by all. Sen-Jam repurposes small molecules to develop novel therapeutics for large unmet needs with a focus on improving clinical outcomes. Using patented proprietary technology and the accelerated 505(b)2 pathway, Sen-Jam is on a mission to revolutionize pain treatment and the business of pain relief. Investor information available at Wefunder. Learn more at

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