CrowFly Announces Nita Bhatia as Chief Executive Officer

BUFFALO, N.Y., Jan. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CrowFly has appointed Nita Bhatia as CEO. CrowFly is a fintech startup touting an innovative online platform that directly connects sellers of future structured settlement payments with qualified buyers. A seasoned leader dedicated to the CrowFly mission since the startup’s inception in 2017, Bhatia now assumes holistic leadership of the company.

Bhatia is one third of CrowFly’s founding team. Having previously served as COO, she now takes on expanded responsibilities as CEO, overseeing all facets of the company and leading the startup into its next phase of growth.

"I am proud of all the work we have already done to help individuals in need, and we have built an amazing team and process," said Bhatia. "I couldn’t be more humbled and excited to step into this role where I can continue to pursue my passion with a team so engrained in who I am as a professional and a businesswoman."

CrowFly has grown tremendously since its first year in operation, increasing the number of transactions closed by 300%. Under Bhatia’s headship, CrowFly is poised for continued growth in 2022. The startup is a newly approved member of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP) and recently moved into an expanded headquarters in downtown Buffalo, NY. They have several key roles ready to be filled in the coming months, and there are plans in place to further develop the platform’s technology in this coming year.

Bhatia’s co-founders John Bair and Tony Barnes both remain involved in CrowFly’s success in an advisory capacity.

"Nita is truly the heartbeat of the CrowFly brand, and she was the clear option from our CEO selection process," said Bair. "She is the future of this company, and I am eager to see her success in this new role."

"Nita has always been an unwavering advocate for CrowFly customers. She has built a vibrant, committed team and continually streamlines customer processes," said Barnes. "I am proud to work with such a great role model in the Buffalo tech scene dedicated to having a positive impact on the world."

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About CrowFly

CrowFly is a fintech structured settlement marketplace on mission to redefine how structured settlements are sold and bought. CrowFly’s innovative platform enables sellers of future structured settlement payments to connect with qualified purchasers who are looking to buy verified assets. Operating in all 50 states, CrowFly provides annuitants and buyers a streamlined, secure process – one that is built on ethics, education, accessibility, and transparency. Learn more at

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