Credit Relief Pros Founder Jeneane Stackhouse Roberson Empowers Individuals with Financial Literacy and Credit Repair

Lupus Warrior and Former Counselor Shares Expertise to Help People Achieve Their Dreams of Homeownership and Financial Freedom

FAIRMONT, N.C., May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jeneane Stackhouse Roberson, founder of Credit Relief Pros Consultation & Consulting, announces her mission to empower and educate individuals on financial literacy and credit repair. A systemic lupus warrior and former counselor established her credit repair business to help those struggling with bad, poor, or fair financial credit and habits.

She understands the challenges of facing unexpected life events, such as illness or job loss, and their impact on one’s finances. Through Credit Relief Pros, Jeneane wants to remind people that they deserve a second chance at credit and to never give up on their dreams of homeownership, purchasing a car, or anything else they desire.

With the motto, “Life, Credit, Action,” Credit Relief Pros offers a partnership with clients to repair their credit by discussing a plan and providing guidance. Jeneane believes that anyone can fix their credit and finances through determination and consistency.

Her personal story is a testament to her determination to succeed. Despite her lupus diagnosis and its impact on her career and finances, she refused to let it define her. Instead, she turned to learning about finances and credit repair and discovered her passion and expertise in the field, leading to the birth of Credit Relief Pros.

Eric Reid, one of Credit Relief Pros existing clients, highly recommends the company. He praises the knowledgeable and professional counselors who inform clients of their progress throughout the credit repair process.

“I want people to know that no matter what happens in life, we can choose to change our circumstances with positive actions,” says Jeneane. “Life happens while we are busy planning ours, and we should be prepared to adapt and adjust. I started this business to help others overcome a time when they are most vulnerable. In addition, I wanted to educate others on finances and credit repair.”

Credit Relief Pros offers a unique angle in that Jeneane understands firsthand the challenges of facing unexpected life events and their impact on one’s finances. In addition, her empathy and expertise in credit repair make her the ideal partner for those looking to improve their credit and financial standing.

The goal for her is for people to stop being embarrassed by their current credit situation and to take action to change it. She offers testimonials from previous clients and encourages anyone needing professional help to contact someone, even if it is not Credit Relief Pros.

For more information on Credit Relief Pros and their services, visit or call 888-592-4822.

Jeneane Stackhouse Roberson
Founder, Credit Relief Pros Consultation & Consulting


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