Clever Offsets, a New Data Analytics Company, Launches a Platform that is Set to Transform the Efficiency of Carbon Markets

Clever’s freemium version release of its proprietary database empowers carbon market stakeholders to make data-driven decisions using the world’s largest and cleanest aggregation of carbon offset project details.

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Clever has granted the public limited access to its carbon offsets analytics platform. Clever’s platform aims to tackle the biggest issues currently preventing the carbon markets from running efficiently and effectively and reaching its growth potential. Clever has taken millions of data points across 10+ registries and made them accessible, accurate, and useful to stakeholders on both the supply and demand side of the carbon market. The company has shifted what was an analog and inaccurate hunt for information to a tailored, centralized, and powerful searching tool. The platform will improve the speed and efficacy of how carbon offset projects are funded, ultimately leading to a healthier and cleaner planet.

Over the past two years, Clever has worked to refine its analytics platform to best serve all stakeholders in the carbon markets from project developers and financiers to traders and start-ups. Clever’s CEO, Rick Beaumont, and his team recently participated in Techstars’ accelerator program where they laid the groundwork for taking Clever to the public.

Key Features Available on Clever’s Freemium Version:

  • Users can search across multiple fields including sector, location, methodology, vintage, etc.
  • Clever extracts and structures data across 14,000+ projects globally ensuring that users get comprehensive access to the project satisfying their requirements
  • Clever’s advanced search bar makes filtering simple and customizable
  • Users can search by specific projects or by methodology
  • Users will be able to retrieve contact information for project developers, surveyors, and verification bodies

About Clever:
Clever Offsets, Inc., a New York-based Delaware corporation, simplifies the carbon offset landscape with a database that empowers clients with customized information that ensures confident, data-driven decisions in the pursuit of a sustainable future. To learn more visit


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