CARL Launches New Affiliate Program with Fintel Connect

VANCOUVER, B.C., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CARL, a US mobile hedge fund app for accredited investors, has recently launched its affiliate program in partnership with Fintel Connect.

CARL’s unique, 100% end-to-end digital platform delivers sophisticated quantitative investments to accredited investors. The platform features lowered minimums, real-time performance data, diversification options and monthly liquidity. As a mobile app, it also removes barriers to access, improves risk control and delivers 15-25% targeted returns.

“CARL is where hedge funds meet the digital revolution,” says Gunnar Cuevas, CEO & Co-Founder of CARL. “Quantitative hedge funds are normally only available to the uber-wealthy via financial institutions. With our mobile app, access is truly in the palm of an investor’s hands. Our partnership with Fintel Connect will enable us to reach these investors in an effective way, and we’re excited for their network to be a driving part of our strategy for digital growth in 2021.”

“CARL is where hedge funds meet the digital revolution. With our mobile app, access is truly in the palm of an investor’s hands.”

Gunnar Cuevas, CEO & Co-Founder of CARL

CARL is the first product of its kind in the Fintel Connect network and adds to the company’s growing mix of innovative, growth-driven fintechs. The investment space in both the US and Canadian markets continues a trajectory of rapid expansion, and CARL offers Fintel Connect publishers a unique solution to showcase to their audiences.

“In this current economic climate, making strategic investment decisions is more important than ever,” says Nicky Senyard, CEO and Founder of Fintel Connect. “By removing traditional barriers to accessing hedge funds, fintechs like CARL are changing the game for investors, and we’re thrilled to support them.”

CARL is ideal for publishers with audiences that have high individual net worth.  Join their affiliate program today.

About CARL

CARL democratizes access to quantitative hedge fund investing through an elegant and easy to use mobile application that provides never-before-seen access to performance driven investment strategies. Using recent changes in regulations and a user-friendly mobile app, CARL is able to offer investors access to quant investment strategies with lower minimums, monthly liquidity, portfolio tools, and real-time performance updates.

CARL aims to help people broaden their investment world and open their eyes to a land of opportunity in alternative investments. They work to be a part of the income-gap solution and see income and wealth steadily increase, not only for those who already have money, but also for those who don’t believe they have the information and resources to invest. The CARL platform opens up a whole new world to people who think they are limited to traditional investments.

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