Cambia Capital Announces Successful Initial Close of Douglas Fir Fund with $20 Million AUM

SEATTLE, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Cambia Capital, a pioneering force in impact real estate and finance, is excited to announce the successful initial close of its Douglas Fir Fund (Fund) with $20 million of initial investment. The milestone marks a significant step towards accelerating the transition of the built environment towards a net zero economy.

The Fund will immediately begin deploying invested capital. Exclusively targeting residential real estate projects that are built beyond current code requirements to a third-party certified, green-built standard, or equivalent, the Fund is committed to investing in tangible, positive change.

Over the last two decades the principals of Cambia Capital, Andy Wolverton, Susan Weingartner, and Aaron Fairchild, have been on the forefront of both impact real estate development and the finance needed to develop and build these projects. As co-founders and former executives of Green Canopy NODE, their decades-long expertise has consistently delivered targeted rates of return, all the while making measurable impacts on hundreds of transformative real estate projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Cambia Capital’s experience not only gives them unique access to third-party certified and mass timber projects, it also equips them with the unique skill set required to underwrite and invest in deep green projects while achieving market rate returns for their investors.

The Fund, a $200 million alternative investment vehicle with a 5-to-7-year fund life, is designed to issue cash flow distributions and recycle capital contributions throughout its investment period. The Fund is dedicated to closely measuring and reporting the impact generated by its investments, thereby delivering verifiable ESG returns to its Limited Partners.

If you are a development team in search of project equity or debt, please contact the Cambia Capital team.

About Cambia Capital: Cambia Capital is a leading impact real estate development and finance firm dedicated to accelerating the transition of the built environment to a net zero economy. With a focus on delivering both financial returns and measurable impact, Cambia Capital leverages its expertise to spearhead transformative real estate across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

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Susan Weingartner

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