CabinetM a Proven Enterprise SaaS Marketing Optimization Solution Raising Capital on Wefunder

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marketing agencies and inhouse marketing departments deploy a wide array of technology to make the magic happen. Everything that marketing does today is driven by technology: email marketing, digital advertising and sponsored social posts. Companies are using 75+ pieces of technology at any one time to acquire and engage customers. Managing all of this technology to achieve business and marketing objectives is challenging.  

That’s where CabinetM comes in. CabinetM is the first-to-market solution of its kind. The software serves as an "Operations Command Center" that marketing teams use to manage technology discovery, implementation, performance, spend and strategy. In the future, CabinetM will leverage AI for enterprise level organizations to help them implement the right technology for their environment, and the value will be staggering in terms of improved marketing performance, increased efficiency, and substantial savings in time and money.

Organizations like Major League Baseball, Capita, Cameo, LogMeIn, & others have adopted CabinetM’s SaaS enterprise solution.  As a result, they are optimizing spend (CabinetM users report reductions of 20%+ in 12 months), efficiency, and marketing thanks to an organized approach that includes an at-a-glance overview of everything happening, the ability to report on demand, and a single source of truth that brings order to chaos.

Today, there are more than 15,000 tech tools that marketers can select from to acquire, engage and retain customers and create the customer experience. Marketing teams have too many options, and with free trials galore, low subscription costs, and a human tendency to buy the newest tech instead of leveraging an existing tool’s functionality, it’s no surprise that Gartner reports that only 58% of the average MarTech stack is fully utilized. This leaves lots of room for growth in productivity, cost savings and improved performance because an underutilized stack leads to skyrocketing spend and makes the company’s marketing less effective. This in turn inflates the cost of customer acquisition and reduces the customer lifetime value.

Unlike most companies raising capital via equity crowdfunding, CabinetM is generating revenue through an impressive roster of clients consisting of industry leaders and institutions.

Investors are welcomed to inspect this first-of-its-kind investment opportunity. 

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About CabinetM
CabinetM helps marketing and sales teams build, manage, and optimize their technology suite in a rapidly transforming digital marketing environment. The platform enables full lifecycle support around technology discovery, qualification, implementation, and management by individual marketers, teams, and throughout enterprise organizations. Co-founders Anita Brearton and Sheryl Schultz each bring 25 years of marketing experience to the table working with startups, as well as involvement with many successful exits.

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