Btab Looks Positively Forward Announcing Plans to Form a Global Ecommerce Partnership

‘Worldwide COVID emergence presents opportunities for strong growth for Btab’

SYDNEY, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Set against a backdrop which is hoped to be the beginning of the end for the global pandemic, the Btab e-commerce network is looking to capitalize on the opportunity to dually support recovering small businesses, whilst significantly expanding its market presence across North America, Asia and Europe.

Founded on the concept of working together to empower small businesses with the same benefits, reach, influence and market presence as the world’s online giants, Btab has seen success forging collaborative partnerships globally. The organization has now announced their latest strategic direction – developing an expansion of their partnerships, to include e-commerce brands, suppliers and logistics providers.

Btab CEO, Binson Lau commented: "We’re particularly keen to partner with businesses of all sizes which have experienced real difficulties due to the pandemic. Whilst many companies have sadly closed as a result of globally felt market disruption, some have managed to hold on and we’d really like to help these brands stabilize, recover and grow."

Mr Lau continued: "Our unique model demonstrates the collective power we have when we work together, allowing our partners to genuinely hold their own in markets often dominated by the e-commerce giants of today. We’re confident we can expand our current network to create a global alliance, to benefit many more businesses across the continents."

Since its inception, Btab have developed a network that boasts 11 warehouses, 18 pick-up locations and partnership with over 20 logistics companies, supplying over 7000 products across a broad spectrum of niches including furniture, health & beauty, groceries and home improvements. Btab have remained profitable through the challenges of the last few years and project a doubling in revenue over the next 12 months.   

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About Btab Group:
Btab was founded to help others achieve their dreams of establishing successful online businesses, using the Btab Network. The company vision is to provide all small and medium-sized businesses with an equal opportunity to improve, using the same online technology that is utilized by large multinationals. Btab ensures online technology is within the reach of growing businesses, with a strong commitment to improving society through ethical business activities and a strong contribution to environmental development and communities.  

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