Brave Healer Productions Announces the Publication of Wealth Codes, a Book That Redefines Wealth

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brave Healer Productions announces the publication of Wealth Codes Sacred Strategies for Abundance, a collaborative work from best-selling author, shamanic priestess and wealth consciousness coach Jen Piceno and 24 other experts that helps readers redefine wealth and achieve it in ways they never thought possible.

Featured in the book are personal stories and tips from Kelly Cameron, Hannah Chapman, Thais Conte, Eirikah Delaunay, Kimberly Cooper, Laura Di Franco, R. Scott Holmes, Morrighan Lynne, Laura Mazzotta, Kelli Murbach, Jamie Lee Murphy, Kelly Myerson, Hollie Renea, Natasha Sharma, Meredith Sims, Kristi H. Sullivan, Lulu Trevena, Wanda Tucker, Damaysi Vazquez, Kristina White, Atlantis Wolf, Jessica A. Wolfe, Amber Wright and Stephanie Zito.

The big takeaway from Wealth Codes is that being wealthy involves much more than having money and that anyone can cultivate a mindset that attracts wealth and a rich life.

Piceno says, "This book combines ancient wisdom and magic with practical strategies so you have a more complete, holistic, and effective toolkit. Get ready to look at your wealth goals with a new, fresh, and profoundly powerful perspective."

She is a motivational speaker, the best-selling author of Sacred Medicine, Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living, and the host of The Ecstatic Living Podcast.

Praise for Wealth Codes

"Jen Piceno is a powerhouse prosperity teacher. She’s a priestess of life with a deep understanding of spiritual law and the nature of manifestation and how to create abundance. Wealth Codes is your inspired guide to freedom that will support you in breaking old agreements that have kept you from living in joy, passion, and purpose. Read it, feel it, and let it inspire your life." Stephanie Urbina Jones, history-making recording artist, best-selling Author

"This book can be summarized in one word: M.A.G.I.C. It’s a page-turner that consciously creates curiosity."— S. A. Grant, host, The Boss Uncaged Podcast

"A must-read for anyone wanting to live a more vibrant, powerful life." James Kawainui, native Hawaiian healer and spiritual strategist

"Jen Piceno refers to the ‘boom boom’ of the sacred drum in this beautiful book. I heard that sound throughout, soul-touching, getting louder with each revelation and aha moment. Wealth Codes is not a book to miss out on. Dive deeply and let it work its magic on you and your abundance."  Dianna Leeder, award-winning series author, Find Your Voice, Save Your Life

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Brave Healer Productions specializes in book publishing and business strategy for healers. They have published over 40 Amazon best-selling books, among them the series The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, and The Ancestors Within. They also run Brave Badass Healers, a Community for World Changers group on Facebook that offers free monthly business development and networking sessions.

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