Bola Sokunbi Named Recipient of 2021 Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Each year the National Financial Educators Council honors an outstanding financial educator with the coveted Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award (FEIY). The 2021 recipient is Bola Sokunbi, whose history of empowering people through financial literacy make her a strong match for the NFEC’s award criteria.

The NFEC Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award recognizes a single individual who has made markedly significant contributions to promoting financial wellness over the previous year. The NFEC contends that educators are the single most important influence on participant success, and created this award to recognize distinguished financial education instructors for their contributions.

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Bola Sokunbi ranked highest among nominees based on three primary criteria: 1) education – a passion for improving the financial capabilities of her audiences; 2) awareness – success at raising awareness about the financial literacy movement; and 3) sustainability – a business model that supports outreach efforts in perpetuity.

Education. Bola founded Clever Girl Finance, a personal finance platform focused on helping women achieve financial wellness regardless of their education, background, or income. Bola’s educational approach builds and supports communities in a fun, engaging, approachable, nonjudgmental way.

Bola provides education through multiple media – books, social media tips, and YouTube videos. She provides online courses free to the public including videos, worksheets, and accountability to help learners experience positive difference in their financial lives.

Awareness. Bola gets people involved in personal finance on a wide scale. Her podcast has 2.7 million plays, Instagram 335K views, and she’s attracted >160K course enrollments in the last 10 months. She drives awareness about financial literacy and shares effective education to build, nurture, and support her community.

Sustainability. In 2020, Bola made all 30+ courses and supporting materials on Clever Girl Finance permanently free. Her courses, in addition to daily website articles, podcast, and YouTube Channel, provide a resource to those seeking non-shaming, compassionate financial education. Bola’s goal is to support her community at its point of need without limiting participants with a paywall.

“Bola Sokunbi represents the top tier of financial educators worldwide,” says Vince Shorb, CEO of the National Financial Educators Council. “Bola is highly deserving of this year’s prestigious Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award. Many people are held back from taking the lead in their own financial planning due to a lack of knowledge. Bola’s work gives them a safe place to pursue financial education on their own terms. The NFEC takes pride in acknowledging Bola’s significant contributions to the financial literacy movement.”

Regarding the FEIY award, Bola Sokunbi comments, “I am extremely honored to receive this award recognizing my work and contributions as a financial educator. The work we do at Clever Girl Finance on a daily basis to support women with financial literacy is incredibly important, especially in today’s world. Not only can financial literacy positively impact their futures, but it can impact the futures of their families too. Our mission of promoting financial wellness so women can live life on their own terms continues. Thank you for this award.”

Research has demonstrated educators’ significant impact on successful student learning. Distinguished financial education instructors are not merely dispensers of knowledge; they are learning facilitators who mold and modify participants’ behavior toward greater financial wellness.

The National Financial Educators Council ( recognizes those industry representatives who have made significant contributions to the financial literacy movement. These awards are designed to encourage others in the financial education space to continue to push boundaries toward promoting financial health on an ever-larger scale.

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