BAM Capital’s Review – CEO’s Meeting With Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon Teaches Life-Long Leadership Lessons

INDIANAPOLIS, March 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, Ivan Barratt, CEO and Founder of BAM Capital, recently had the esteemed opportunity to meet Jamie Dimon, the CEO of Chase Bank. Describing the meeting as akin to meeting an icon like Kobe Bryant, Barratt shared his invaluable takeaways and the profound impact of Dimon’s wisdom on his approach to leadership and business strategy.

During their conversation, Barratt asked Dimon about his method for tracking tasks assigned to his leadership team, to which Dimon revealed his use of a full-size sheet of paper, debunking the myth of a note card. This simple yet effective strategy highlights the importance of organization at the highest levels of leadership.

Barratt shared several key insights he gleaned from Dimon, reflecting the depth of knowledge and experience of the leader of the world’s largest bank:

  1. No one can consistently predict what the economy is going to do in the short/medium run.
  2. Don’t bet on lower inflation. There’s a lot of growth ahead that will keep inflation hotter than the previous decade. Bonus: should pay down a lot of govt debt.
  3. Get on the front lines and ask (employees) tellers and branch managers, “What’s the dumbest thing we’re doing as a company?” I really needed to hear this one!
  4. Growing a great company is all about its people and culture.
  5. History is the guide in many ways.

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity, Barratt thanked Marcus May for the invitation, acknowledging the privilege of gaining insights from a CEO with Jamie Dimon’s stature. This meeting has not only enriched Barratt’s leadership perspective but also reinforced the principles guiding BAM Capital’s approach to business and investment strategy.

Mr. Barratt and his leadership team are building a dynamic and vibrant culture that is fulfilling for its employees. As well as yielding great results for their clients. Click the link to watch BAM Capital Video Reviews.

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