Angie Trandai, One of Ohio’s Top Retirement Advisors, Co-Authors New Book on Avoiding Retirement Pitfalls and Mistakes

WEST CHESTER, Ohio, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Working hard and saving for retirement is one thing. Being able to retire with freedom, confidence and security is another.

A record number of Ohio residents are facing retirement. Ohio is on pace to become one of a handful of states that will have more residents age 60 and older than people under age 20, according to

In the 2023 Retirement Confidence Survey, only one in four retirees (27%) are “very confident” that they “will have enough money to live comfortably” throughout their retirement years. This is the lowest level of confidence in a decade.

“Retiring with clarity and confidence in today’s volatile financial environment is complex, requiring a finely tuned balance of the key elements including income tax reduction, lifestyle and cash flow enrichment, investment enhancement, risk defense, health care protection, and legacy creation. I believe that retirees who have worked hard and successfully saved deserve to fully enjoy their retirement years,” says financial educator, author, speaker and retirement advisor, Angie Trandai, CFP®.

Angie, along with her five brothers and two sisters came to America in 1979 as Vietnamese refugees. After coming to America, most of them went to engineering school and went to work as engineers. They learned how to analyze complex data, troubleshoot core problems, and construct strategic solutions. 

Although Angie enjoyed the systematic rigor of engineering, she wanted to help people directly. She acquired the necessary professional knowledge and founded Trandai Financial Solutions, LLC in 1998. Later her two brothers Chris and Tim and her sister Ann joined the team in 2013.

“Part of our mission is to educate retirees about their options. “Retire Abundantly” helps retirees understand the biggest challenges that stand between them and a secure retirement and what options are available to them,” said Christine Phan, MBA, V.P. of Operations, with Trandai Financial Solutions, LLC.

“Retire Abundantly” educates those who have successfully accumulated money for retirement against costly mistakes and little-known missteps that often derail a secure retirement, as well as spoil dreams of a family legacy.

The easy-to-read book is not laden with theory or jargon. Rather it is filled with practical principles and real-world examples. It begins by exposing how and why the financial and investment advisory industry has left many retirees confused, along with common misconceptions that the industry and financial media have led people to believe.

It outlines the three major retirement mistakes and includes a very helpful section detailing twelve challenging retirement obstacles. The book outlines solutions, including an enlightening case study that illustrates concepts covered in the book.

Another interesting and informative feature of the book is its collection of real-life stories of failure and success sprinkled throughout. The book concludes by showing readers how to take the next step for informed planning of their retirement and wealth goals.

Angie adds, “We understand that retirement is full of ups and downs and we recognize every family’s situation is unique. We actively listen, make sure you understand your financial plan, provide ongoing advice, and are by your side as your financial journey evolves.”

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About Angie Trandai

Angie Trandai CFP® is a nationally recognized Financial Educator, Author, Speaker, and Retirement Specialist, whom you may have seen on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox network affiliates, as well as in Yahoo News, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, and New York Business Journal, among others. Angie and her seven siblings came to America in 1979 as refugees from Vietnam and six of eight trained as engineers. In 1998, she founded Trandai Financial Solutions, LLC, where she and her two brothers and one sister help hard working families and individuals retire with confidence and security using a comprehensive, rigorous retirement planning process. Angie is the recipient of Fortune Five Star Professional Women in Wealth and Five Star Professional wealth manager annually since 2012.

About Christine Phan

Christine Phan, MBA, is a recognized Financial Educator, Author, and Retirement Specialist. As the V.P. of Operations of Trandai Financial Solutions, LLC, Christine is part of a team of seasoned professionals who have been helping hard working families and individuals retire with confidence and security since 2017.

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