Alternative VC Firm Chisos Launches Public Reg CF Crowdfunding Campaign

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Chisos Capital, investing firm for early-stage entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of a public Reg. CF crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder. Anyone, including non-accredited investors, can invest in the vision to provide first-check capital to idea and early-stage entrepreneurs.

“The current approach to seed and early-stage venture capital is exclusionary at best resulting in a multi-trillion dollar funding gap,” said
, CEO and Co-Founder of Chisos. “Chisos exists to get capital into the hands of great entrepreneurs that are otherwise ignored by VC and are too early for traditional bank financing.”

Founded in 2020, Chisos is led by Stringer and CTO and co-founder Stephen Grinalds, and supported by a lean and talented team. Chisos developed a proprietary investment product, the Convertible Income Share Agreement or CISA that blends an income share agreement with a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) agreement. This is a founder-friendly approach that is also good for investors, offering downside protection and uncapped upside potential.

“It felt like, for the first time, after meeting a hundred investors, these two gentleman actually wanted to give me, a black woman, capital to make the dream come true,” said Kyiana Williams, Founder of Entertwine.

Chisos is well positioned for growth in 2021 to serve startup market segment valued at $3B in the U.S., with a 200% online application increase, and nearly $20,000 in ISA payments.

“Entrepreneurship fuels the American economy and supports healthy communities,” Stringer added. “By raising capital with a crowdfunding campaign, we’re encouraging entrepreneurs, angel investors, and business leaders to reimagine what early-stage startup financing can look like.”

Chisos joins a small group of alternative capital providers that are using crowdfunding to disrupt the startup funding landscape.

Investments in the WeFunder campaign will support Chisos’s development of a FinTech platform to connect founders with capital, improve application processing, and develop our partnership ecosystem. To learn more, visit

About Chisos Capital

Chisos invests in ideas, and the founders with potential to bring them to life. Through our proprietary investment approach, the CISA, we write checks to idea- and early-stage entrepreneurs. Inspired by the desert oasis of the Chisos mountains, Chisos Capital seeks to democratize opportunity.

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