Alpha Vee Solutions Launches Research Partnership with Summit Capital Solutions

BOSTON, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alpha Vee Solutions and Summit Capital Solutions has reached agreement to use the Alpha Vee Solutions research technology platform supporting Summit’s fast growth.  Summit provides investment professionals direct access to leading tradeable investment strategies from asset managers and index providers.  This new investable research technology partnership will yield two exciting products exclusively released on the Virtue Capital Management platform.  For more information and to access portfolio information, please visit

Virtue Capital Management, we utilize a holistic approach so that everything that affects an investors’ personal situation is taken into consideration. Virtue Capital Management services are provided to our hand-picked network of professional investment advisor representatives who alone have rights to use our proprietary investments and our specialized model portfolios. This support allows our advisors to put the focus where it belongs, on their clients.

Alpha Vee continues its direct indexing research expansion and distribution through Summit, one of America’s fastest growing asset manager. Over many months we were able to demonstrate and build solid personal and technical relationships with the executive team.  With the development of our unique technology and research each firm has developed an exciting business opportunity,” said Leigh Eichel, CEO of Alpha Vee Research Solutions.

Jeremy Rettich, CEO of Summit Capital said, “We are delighted that the partnership with Alpha Vee research will now be available to our Investment Advisors across the United States. As a leading asset manager, Alpha Vee has built a reputation for developing innovative and strong performing tradable research, making Alpha Vee a valuable addition to our ecosystem.”


Alpha Vee Solutions                Leigh Eichel                617.212.8691

Summit Capital Solutions     Jeremy Rettich          844.371.4718

About Alpha Vee Solutions Ltd.

Alpha Vee Ltd. is a leading boutique independent investment solutions firm dedicated to research, design and build of leading investment indexes and FinTech.  Alpha Vee licenses a wide range of dynamic, smart beta and multi factor investment models and software solutions.  For more information on our offering please, email us at

About Summit Capital Solutions

Unlike most TAMPs, Summit’s services go beyond the portfolio by providing legal support, compliance and full-spectrum business development through our affiliated companies.  

Summit offers “full service” and “al a carte” Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) offerings, allowing access to a wide suite of solutions to choose from that assist you in managing and growing your business. Our services go beyond traditional TAMP offerings to help IARs, RIAs, and Registered Representatives (RRs) grow their firms. For more information on our offering please, call us at 844.371.4718

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