‘All Start-Ups Are Not the Same – We’re Offering $250,000 to Prove It’: Venture Capital Company, The Drive Group, Taking Pitch Applications for Upcoming Drive 250 Contest

General applications accepted until April 1, 2023, with 10 semifinalists selected to compete for grand prize via Instagram.

TORONTO, Feb. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Canadian venture capital company, The Drive Group, announced it was accepting applications for its first annual Drive 250 contest, offering a quarter-of-a-million in funding to one lucky startup. Taking the form of detailed idea pitches, initial applications will be reviewed by the company before selected participants go on to publicly compete on Instagram. Finalists will later travel to Toronto for the last round, pitching their ideas before judges from The Drive Group for a chance at winning the grand prize. Interested startups and entrepreneurs are encouraged to go online now to learn more and begin the application process.

“I know what it’s like to have great ideas but not be able to implement them because you lack funding,” said Trivelle Simpson, founder of The Drive Group. “And this is my answer to that. Drive 250 is a chance to receive the crucial investment a new idea needs to really get off the ground. And through our Instagram campaign, along with a short documentary covering the competition, even the startups that don’t take home the prize will get some help – in the form of raised brand awareness and publicity to encourage other interested investors.”

Drive 250 – Contest Specifics

  • How It Works: All initial submissions will be reviewed internally by The Drive Group, who will then select 10 semifinalists to compete online via separate posts on The Drive Group’s Instagram page. Semifinalists will pitch their project to the public using text/art/video and other Instagram media. Every week, the two semifinalists with the least number of Instagram likes will be eliminated from the competition.

  • Four finalists will receive an all-expense-paid trip to Toronto in June, where they will pitch their ideas to a panel of select judges. The contest winner will be selected from the finalists and receive $250,000 in funding for their startup.

  • Who Can Enter: Entrepreneurial startups with any idea and at any stage of funding. Those who are still at the earliest stages are especially encouraged to apply.

  • Deadlines: The deadline for the first online application is April 1, 2023. Semifinalists will be selected from those and announced on April 14th. Any subsequent deadlines will be announced by The Drive Group via Instagram.

For more details about the Drive 250 Contest and other company updates, visit The Drive Group on social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube.

About The Drive Group – Don’t Walk Into the Future; Drive There

Founded using the proceeds of a single tax return, The Drive Group has since grown into a multimillion-dollar venture capital company that focuses on compelling startups with great ideas. Analyzing data and trends to help businesses thrive and grow, The Drive Group has a particular interest in commercial, retail and community real estate, and excels in scaling small businesses and disruptors that have fantastic plans but insufficient working capital. The Drive Group sponsors the annual Drive 250 Contest, a major competition offering $250,000 to the best startup pitch. Learn more at: www.TheDriveGroup.ca.

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