AdvancedDock Creators Announce New Logistics Smart SealTM Technology

Advanced Solutions unveils new technology to improve logistics data accuracy.

CHICAGO, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Advanced Solutions, creators of the AdvancedDock Yard and dock management platform and AdvancedBOL (Electronic Bill of Lading), announced the release and support for their new logistics Smart SealTM. The new product utilizes AdvancedDock to support the ability to seal and capture load and truck information digitally.

"Smart Seal™ allows our customers to improve the accuracy of data collection for truck and container shipments from shipper to final destination," said Managing Principal Phillip Avelar. "Any of us who have had to record, read, rekey or verify seal numbers on a paper bill of lading will appreciate the simplicity of tapping a smart seal using our software and it being captured digitally within our eBOL and available immediately within the backend ERP. This is the simplest scenario, but we are already exploring new use cases with our trial customers."

When launched, the patent pending Smart SealTM will be supported by their AdvancedBOL bill of lading software and AdvancedDock, the next generation yard and dock orchestration platform. Using the company’s software, a driver or dock employee can digitally capture and record truck/shipment information by tapping their tablet or phone against the Smart SealTM. Simplifying the collection and tracking of load information and enhancing the security of goods being transported.

Smart Seal is the latest product to integrate with Advanced Solutions’ Yard and Dock orchestration platform.

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About Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions, founded in 1999, specializes in supply chain orchestration solutions. In 2015, it released the logistic industry’s first complete electronic bill of lading (eBOL) solution AdvancedBOL for SAP. In addition, the company provides enterprise products such as AdvancedDock for SAP a next generation Yard and Dock orchestration platform for SAP and CommandView for SAP, an AI-based logistics control tower solution.

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